"God fashioned man of dust from the soil. Then he breathed into his nostrils a breath of life."  Gn 2:7

Our line of ceramic items includes crucifixes, tiles, icons, oil lamps and other ceramic wares for use in ceremonies or decoration.


The word ‘ceramic’ comes from the Greek ‘keramos’ (burnt earth). We create each item from natural clay using a potter’s wheel, hand modeling or hand pressing into molds we build ourselves. Once dry, the items are fired in an electric kiln at 1060° C, then colored by hand and glazed before their second firing at 1000° C.


Once again, our original designs are inspired by traditional Syriac calligraphy and Christian miniatures. Custom designs are also available for special occasion and gifts (See Souvenirs & Gifts).

Examples of previous work

Chalice Cross3 Trinite
Cross Cross Trinity icon
Vladimir Fanous1 Cene
Theotokos Oil lamp  Last Supper