"Let us make man in our own image, in the likeness of  ourselves" Gn1:26

Our icons are inspired by Syriac miniatures based on Maronite liturgical text, and patiently painted by hand combining traditional and modern techniques.

We seek to revive the art of iconography and create harmony between the written Word and its visual representation.

Traditional iconography uses natural materials only. Paints made from egg yolk and natural pigments are applied on an oak board prepared with calcium carbonate and rabbit glue. The artists start with the darkest tones then work up to the lighter ones.

Modern techniques replace natural paints with acrylic ones that dry faster. The base is a specially manufactured wood used in shipbuilding for its capacity to resist humidity and high temperatures.

“Our Divine Lord of all existence, light up and guide the heart, the soul and the mind of your servant; hold his hands and lead him all the way so that he can represent with dignity and perfection Your icon and the one of Your Holy Mother and All Saints, for the glory, the joy and the beauty of your Holy Church.” – Prayer of the iconographer

Holy Family in the Heart of the Trinity, by sr Lina. Epiphany Acrylic on wood 50x70cm, by sr Lina 2001, freely inspired by the hymn of  St Jack of Saroug "Our Lord's Baptism"  Mother of God on the throne -Maronite icon- Acrylic on wood 50x70cm, by sr Lina  2006, freely inspired by O.L. of Ilije
The wedding at Cana -Maronite icon- Acrilyc on wood 50x70cm , by sr Lina 2005. Inspired by miniature,       syriac manuscript 559, Vatican's library, 13th century. Virgin with child -Maronite icon-
Acrylic on wood 35x48cm, by sr Lina 2005.
 copy of Our Lady of Vladimir- Acrylic on wood 50x70cm, by sr Lina  2008.