The Workshop for Sacred Art and the Sisters of the Antonine Order are the keepers of a rich artistic heritage and age-old Maronite traditions.

Our mission is to proclaim God's beauty in his Church and celebrate the work of Creation through the Sacred Arts.

From liturgical vestments and accessories, to icons, ceramic wares and decorative items, our creations are patiently crafted by hand, combining both traditional elements and more contemporary ones.

In doing so, we revive an essential characteristic of monastic life, which states that manual work nourishes the soul on the "memory of God".


In the beginning…

Our journey began in 1996 when Sister Lina Khawand started painting icons and handmade souvenirs in a small convent in Ain Alak – Mount Lebanon.

As we entered the new millennium, more artists came together and experimented with new art forms, notably ceramics, stained glass, woodwork and many more. The Workshop for Sacred Art was officially born.

In 2005, we expanded and relocated to our current address in Roumieh. Since then, the Workshop has been growing in experience and diversity, carrying out projects both in Lebanon and abroad.


Our team

-Sister Lina Khawand (Superior/ Master Artist – Founding manager)

Sister Lina hails from the village of Saidoun, South Lebanon. She specialized in liturgy and Sacred Art, collaborating with artists and religious groups in Lebanon, Cyprus and the USA. Her designs for liturgical vestments, church furniture and stained glass can be found in Our Lady of Deliverance (Saidoun - Lebanon), Mar Takla (Bkinnaya - Lebanon), Our Lady of Graces (Nicosia - Cyprus), Our Lady of Cedars (Boston - USA), the Chapels of the Antonine sisters in Lebanon (Jamhour, Zghorta, Kobayat, Kfarchima, st.Ephrem Roumieh, Ain Alak), and the Chapel of the Antonine Sisters Day Care (Ohio - USA) among others. 



-Sister Cynthia Kassis (Administrative Manager/ Executive Director)

Sister Cynthia hails from the village of Feytroun, Keserwan, Lebanon. Studying Liturgy and Sacred Art at USEK. She works in the fields of ceramics, embroidery, as well as handling all admisnistrative tasks and personal contact with people.



-Sister Rita Aoun (Assistant)

-Ms. Hoda Wakim (Tailor)

-Mrs. Georgette Choufani (Tailor)

-Mrs. Dolly Kassis (Ceramist Assistant)

-Mr. Antoine Kassis (Finance Assistant)

-Mr. Said Khawand (Technical Assistant)

-Mr. Pascale Khawand (project consultant)


Contributors: Mrs. Ghada Khawand Henagan (Ceramist), Ms. Rita Khawand (personal consultant).

Special thanks to Reverend Dimotheou (Cyprus), Dr. Jacqueline Anne Ascott (artist and iconographer) and of course, the many friends and volunteers who have helped us and given us their support throughout the years.